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Nothing in the world succeeds like the right attitude. Talent does not; nothing is more common than talented people with the wrong attitude. Genius will not; unrewarded genius with ineffective attitudes is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated people with unsuccessful attitudes. The personal awareness to adopt the right attitude, at the right time, alone is omnipotent.


  1. The Unique Geier Profiles: identify, describe, validate and explain the intangible facts that motivate and predict a person's performance in the specific job, reporting to the specific manager, in their specific company or organisation. Intangible facts based on measurement, and validating attitude. Attitude motivates and predicts behaviour.Attitude predicts a person’s
    • future performance a job, and the employer's Intangible $ROI in that person.
    • leadership ability & emotional Intelligence
    • culture ‘fit’ in the job.
    • retention probability in the job
    • performance management response and ability to deal with, commit to, and adopt change.

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  1. The Organisation Culture of Attitudes: of attitudes of beliefs, values, and motivations of any business, or organisation, sustains, forecasts, and determines its communications, vision, structure, strategy, plans, business tactics and success.Attitude is the unit measure of culture.Ultimately the customer organisation culture match to the business/organisation culture, at each organisation level, determines high performance by the business, or organisation, in the form of increased business and profit, a customer culture of attitudes of long term customer relationships, which completes the organisation culture flow cycle as it returns to Board level.Corporate Governance HR performance is measured by the "Gap", between an organisation's current culture of attitudes, and the culture of attitudes benchmarked for high performance. This discrepancy"Gap" forecasts, and measures an organisation's loss in intangible $ROI in communication and control at the selected, or at all organisation levels.
  1. Accurate Organisation Culture measurement is intrinsic to good HR Corporate Governance.

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